Publications in 2007

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  1. Kaskaoutis, D.G., Kosmopoulos, P., Kambezidis, H.D., Nastos, P.T.
    Aerosol climatology and discrimination of different types over Athens, Greece, based on MODIS data
    (2007) Atmospheric Environment, 41 (34), pp. 7315-7329.  scopus link
  2. Nastos, P.T., Alexakis, D., Kanellopoulou, H.A., Kelepertsis, A.E.
    Chemical composition of wet deposition in a Mediterranean site Athens, Greece related to the origin of air masses
    (2007) Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 58 (2), pp. 167-179.  scopus link
  3. Zerefos, C.S., Eleftheratos, K., Zanis, P., Balis, D.S., Tselioudis, G.
    Search for man-made cirrus contrails over Southeast Asia
    (2007) Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 18 (3), pp. 459-474.  scopus link
  4. Papaioannou, A., Plageras, P., Dovriki, E., Minas, A., Krikelis, V., Nastos, P.Th., Kakavas, K., Paliatsos, A.G.
    Groundwater quality and location of productive activities in the region of Thessaly (Greece)
    (2007) Desalination, 213 (1-3), pp. 209-217. scopus link
  5. Eleftheratos, K., Zerefos, C.S., Zanis, P., Balis, D.S., Tselioudis, G., Gierens, K., Sausen, R.
    A study on natural and manmade global interannual fluctuations of cirrus cloud cover for the period 1984-2004
    (2007) Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7 (10), pp. 2631-2642.  scopus link
  6. Nastos, P.T., Zerefos, C.S.
    On extreme daily precipitation totals at Athens, Greece
    (2007) Advances in Geosciences, 10, pp. 59-66.  scopus link
  7. Hatzaki, M., Flocas, H.A., Asimakopoulos, D.N., Maheras, P.
    The eastern Mediterranean teleconnection pattern: Identification and definition
    (2007) International Journal of Climatology, 27 (6), pp. 727-737.  scopus link
  8. Lygidakis, N.J., Bhagat, A.D., Sharma, S.K., Kefalourous, H., Porfiris, T., Grigorakos, L., Vrachnos, P., Mihalopoulos, A., Bleta, A., Bodozoglou, N., Voulgari, K., Vlachos, L.
    Leiomyosarcoma of the inferior vena cava – An unusual case
    (2007) Hepato-Gastroenterology, 54 (75), pp. 710-715.  scopus link