PhD Candidates

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Iliana Polychroni
Iliana is a PhD Candidate and she is working on the "Extreme climatic indices, based on joint modes of air
temperature and precipitation over the Mediterranean region. Present and future climatic conditions"
She holds a BSc in Geology and Geoenvironment , an MSc in Geography and Environment, an MEng in Water Resources Science & Technology.
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Βλέπε Βιογραφικό Σημείωμα
T:+30 210 7274806

Konstantina (Nandia) Politi
Nadia is a PhD student in the department of Geology and Geo-environment at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in collaboration with NCSR “Demokritos” .
She holds a Bachelor Degree in Physics (2007) and an MSc in "Prevention and Management of Natural Disasters".
She has worked in several european projects on the topic of climate change, climate modelling/simulations and downscaling methods.
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T:+30 210 7274806

Yota Assimakopoulou
Yota is a PhD Candidate and she is working on the "Pedagogical approaches for understanding Climate Change and the accompanying phenomena through remote sensing, in compulsory education".
She holds a BSc in Primary Education and an MSc in Information Systems.
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T:+30 210 7274806

Anna Karali
Anna is a PhD candidate and she is working on the analysis of regional climate model projections to identify
impacts of climate change on vital sectors such as energy demand and forest fires.
She holds a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Environmental Physics.
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Iasonas Aliferis
Iasonas is a Ph.D Candidate and he is working on the "Strategic crisis management in natural and technological disasters – The role of the European Copernicus Program and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems".
He has a demonstrated history of working in the public safety sector and holds a BSc. in Statistics and Insurance Science from University of Piraeus, a BSc. from Hellenic Fire Service Academy Officers School, and a MSc in Environment, Disasters and Crises Management Strategies with a specialization in Governance from University of Athens.
T:+30 210 7274806

Angelos Chasiotis
Angelos is a Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineers, graduated from the University of Patras, hold an MSc on Energy Production Management from National Technical University of Athens and a MA in Environment and Sustainable development from Department of International and European Studies of Panteion University. Nowadays, he continues his research as a PhD candidate in the field of Impact of Climate Change on Water Supply Networks at National Kapodistrian University of Athens.
Main filed of current research is the hydraulic modelling of Water Distribution Network for Water Leakage mitigation and the effect of that on Water Safety Plans of Municipalities and Water Companies.
As of professional experience, Angelos has worked several years at Technical Support and sales in environmental equipment for monitoring water and air parameters as also automation projects throughout Greek Municipalities, and is working alongside Large Companies. Furthermore, Angelos has been working the past years at EU Funded projects aimed at Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Saving.
Finally, Angelos is involved in Volunteering through Hellenic Red Cross as a Samaritan, having dealt with the biggest disasters of Attica as a Head Chief of the Branch of Athens.
George Proias He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering , an MSc in Energy.

Markos Mylonas
Markos is a PhD Candidate and he is working on the “Thermodynamic analysis of sub-tropical cyclones over Mediterranean using remote sensing data
and data assimilation through numerical weather prediction models’ simulations".
He holds a BSc in Geology and Geoenvironment and an MSc in Applied Meteorology and Climatology.
He has worked abroad as a research engineer/meteorologist in the research department of a renewable energy company, for 2 years.
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Theophilos Valsamidis
Theophilos is a PhD Candidate in the field of Remote Sensing, working on “Automated processing of high
resolution remote sensing data for detecting and simulating morpho-structures”. He holds a BSc in Geology and Geoenvironment and an MSc in Environment and Development.
In the past, he has worked as a researcher in environmental projects concerning ecology.
T: 210 7274126