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Anastasia Bleta
DoctorAnastasia is a postdoctoral researcher, who is working on the impact of biometeorological conditions and air pollution on childhood asthma.
She holds a BSc in Geology and GeoEnvironment , an MSc in Applied Environmental Geology and an Interdepartmental Master in Oceanography.
She holds a PhD titled «Study of effect of bioclimatic parameters and atmospheric pollution in the public health in the island Crete. The role of climatic change»
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T:+30 210 7274806

Kostas Douvis
DoctorKostas Douvis is a postdoctoral researcher. His work is focused on extreme weather events, general circulation of the atmosphere, climate and meteorological models.
He holds a BSc degree in Physics and a MSc in Atmospherical Physics.
His PhD dissertation is titled "Study of the extreme climatic events in Greece using downscaling methods".
T:+30 210 7274806

Dimitra Konsta
DoctorDimitra Konsta is a post-doctoral researcher specializing in clouds, remote sensing of the atmosphere, climate change and radiative forcing. She holds a diploma in Civil Engineering from NTUA in 2005, a MSc degree in "Ocean, Atmosphere, Climate and Remote Sensing" from Ecole Polytechnique (France) in 2007 and a PhD degree in the "Evaluation of cloud description in climate models using satellite observations" from Ecole Polytechnique (France) in 2010.
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T:+30 210 7274806
Ioannis Kapsomenakis
Ioannis Matsangouras