MeteoBicycle: Meteorological bicycle fully equipped with meteorological instruments, logger and power supply, for tracking the human thermal perception within urban and rural areas, in order to record the impacts of the intensified urban heat island effect.

  • Research Unit for recording and forecasting extreme weather events with emphasis on tornadoes and storms early warning in Greece, by applying the non-hydrostatic Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF)
  • Lightnings recording system (Boltek).
  • Weather station, established in the University campus, providing continuously real-time recordings of various meteorological parameters (air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, global solar irradiance, ultraviolet irradiance, infrared irradiance, sunshine, wind speed and direction).
  • Active Sampling of particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM7, PM10, TSP)
  • Numerous portable meteorological instruments, such as radiometers, thermographs, hydrographs, loggers etc.
  • One Brewer MKIV monochromator measuring columnar amounts of ozone, SO2 and NO2. It is also operating as a spectroradiometer, measuring irradiances in the UV-B part of  the spectrum at 0.5 nm intervals